Monday, September 22, 2014

Baxter State Park/Abol Bridge

My last two nights before summiting Katahdin were spent in campgrounds in/near Baxter State Park ME. My first night, at the Abol Bridge Campground, was somewhat disappointing as many of the amenities were limited or nonexistent. The restaurant was closed and the camp store was almost picked clean of supplies, the combination of which scared me since I was almost out of food after the 100 Mile Wilderness. But I scraped up provisions and found a sweet campsite on a bend in the Penobscot River that offered a fantastic view of Katahdin. My plan was to have two short days (10mi) after hiking hard for four days so I could rest up a bit before hiking up Katahdin. I literally spent hours watching Katahdin changing as the light and clouds transformed it dozens of times.
What an amazing, sacred presence.
Clouds shroud Katahdin

Evening sun


My campsite at Abol Bridge

The next day I hiked into Baxter Park, along the Penobscot then up to Katahdin Stream Campground. Baxter Park is a gem--so beautiful with nice groomed trail, wildlife, and waterfalls. I could feel the excitement build as I got closer and saw more and more hikers, both thru-hikers and section, preparing for the big day finishing the AT. Fortunately, Patty met me with fresh supplies at KSC and we hunkered down in a lean-to before the big day.

Penobscot River along BSP south border

Big Niagra Falls
 The bright sunny day made me hopeful that we'd have nice weather for summitting Katahdin. Once in the campground at the base of the mountain, it towers so high over the valley that it's a pretty daunting sight.

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Patty said...

Katahdin truly was an amazing and sacred presence and an awesome climb.
Well said. OXO